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I'LL TAKE IT NOW. ISBN 978-1-928020-17-2 (softcover). 243 pp. $12.95 US.

In 1969 the well-known Canadian poet Alan Pearson spent a year in Greece, England and Spain, with his wife and their young son. His travel memoir is a treat of unforgettable characters and experiences that will remain with you long after you read the book.


SKIPPING TOWN NAKED AND BUSTED. 2017. ISBN 978-1-928020-16-5. 87 pp. $12.00 CAN.

From seminary school to cults, from terrorist cells to straightjackets and from wild partying to sobriety, Robert Markland Smith's adventures are told in this collection of short short stories and bear witness to troubled times.

“Robert Markland Smith is one of the unsung geniuses of Canadian down-and-out writing –- start singing his praises and reading these compelling, humane and potent pieces from a mind often beyond the end of its tether, but always climbing out of the flames...” DR. TODD SWIFT, Writer-in-residence,Pembroke College, Cambridge University


THE BLACK WOLF & other stories of the old west. 2017. ISBN 978-1-928020-15-8. 130 pp. $20.00 CAN.

A unique blend of fact and fiction, this book is a must for those who are intrigued by the American Old West genre of story-telling.


DOGS OF POMPEII by Lore MacDonald. New & Selected Poems. 2016. ISBN 978-1-928020-11-0. 95 pp. $25.00 CAN.

The much anticipated second collection from the author of OASIS (LHP, 2000).


SEASONS OF DISCONTENT by Raymond Fraser. Novel. 2015.
ISBN 978-1-928020-05-9. 297 pages. $21.95.

Set in the years 1964-65, Seasons of Discontent is a spirited and captivating
sequel to two of the author's best-known novels, The Bannonbridge Musicians
and In Another Life.

Read Trevor Sawler's review of SEASONS OF DISCONTENT. Nashwaak Review, vol 34-35 (2016).

"Raymond Fraser's energy and inexhaustible riches of truth and imagination continue to astonish me." ROBERT GIBBS, author & critic

"I didn't think there could be a better book than his In Another Life, but Seasons of Discontent is as good if not better." EUGENE PETERS, essayist

Review of SEASONS OF DISCONTENT by James M Fisher in The Miramichi Reader.

Author Interview at the same site, June 4, 2015.

Author interview at Arts East, June 23, 2015

THE KRYPTONITE STORIES by Robert Markland Smith. Short stories.
ISBN 978-1-928020-08-0. 87 pages. $12.00.

A new collection from the author of Rumpleforeskin Meets the Abomination of Desolation, Street Business Inc. and The Weight of Illusions.

Poems. ISBN: 978-0-9865183-0-0. 72 pp. $15.
A superb collection by one of Canada's finest poets. Originally published in 1975 by Sesame Press, this new Lion's Head Press edition has been revised by the author.
"Outstanding quality.” – George Woodcock, The Globe and Mail.


WINE RIVER by Bernell MacDonald. New & Selected Poems. 2016. ISBN 978-1-928020-12-7. 78 pp. $25.00 CAN.

MacDonald's 11th poetry collection and the companion book to his Poems in F Minor.


Novel. ISBN 978-0-9686034-7-5. 222 pp. $24.95
A riveting story of love and deception set in a land still scarred by the hardships of a forty-year revolution.

A STILL MORE PERFECT CLAY: Selected Poems by Robert Hawkes
Four volumes in a boxed edition.
ISBN 978-0-9780927-6-4. $20.
"The poet's most memorable works . . . While each poem emerges from his calm presence, collectively they reveal a poet's journey from a rural childhood through the wider scope of world travel . . ." ALLISON CALVERN


DOING TIME by Raymond Gordy. Poems. 70 pp. $20. By a founding editor of The Montreal Free Poet Booster & Blaster.


GYPSY by Bernell MacDonald. Novel. 2017. ISBN 978-1-928020-13-4 (paperback). 220 Pages. $25 CAN,

In this follow-up to his novel The Moneymorians, Bernell MacDonald delves into dreams and reality to fashion an adventure tale where werewolves and other monsters roam and mingle with the human population.


Prisoner of an iPad
by Arun Budhathoki
ISBN 97-881-82-500-570. 61 pages. $8.
An enthralling collection from one of Nepal's leading young poets.
"Arun's poems are amazing – they have intensity, depth and drama." THE HIMALAYAN TIMES


THE WEIGHT OF ILLUSIONS by Robert Markland Smith.
Stories. ISBN 978-1-495440-04-5. 115 pages. $10.
''A book about magic and trickery as a reaction to government disinformation in the media.''


New revised edition with an Introduction by the author.
ISBN: 978-1-928020-00-4. 240 pages. $18.95. Distribution by Ingram Book Services.
"All ten stories in THE BLACK HORSE TAVERN bear the Fraser touch: gutsy realism, originality,and humour. The effect is hilarious, moving, and sad. It's quite a book." BETTY SHAPIRO, Montreal Gazette


SOUL SONGS Poems by Hilary Prince
A poignant glimpse into the chaos and inhumanity in our world.
"The poet's words depict personal challenges as she tries to make sense of her own struggles and in recompense make them count for something." DORIS EWART


THE APPRENTICE by Alan Pearson. Novel, 2016. 252 pages. Paperback, $20.45; Kindle eBook $5.32.

An autobiographical novel by the late Alan Pearson, one of Canada's premier poets. Edited and with an informative Introduction by his wife, Doreen Pearson, the novel gives a fascinating view of the poet's growing up in England during WW II and the post-war years. Beautifully written.

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